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We assemble bull bars here in Kenya at our Industrial Area premises.  Bull bars are manufactured exactly to the standards laid down by TJM and are the ONLY CERTIFIED AIR BAG COMPATIBLE Bull bars made in EAST AFRICA.  This important feature does not void your vehicle warranty.  TJM has met AS4876-1-2002 Australian Standards for Vehicle Frontal Protection System (bull bars) so you can be guaranteed, the utmost safety and quality.

Romageco has manufactured TJM bull bars and roof racks under licence for 12 years and has its own sand blasting and powder coating facility to match the exact standards required by TJM. Our bull bars are Nissan, Toyota and GM approved and supply their franchises throughout the region.

TJM Air Bag Compatible Bull Bars

  1.     Air Bag Compatible and powder coated
  2.     Enhances passenger safety.
  3.     Available in steel construction for most 4X4 vehicle models.
  4.     Has built in  mounting points for winch, driving lights and communication aerials.
  5.     Minimizes damage to vehicle incase of collision with other vehicles or animals.
  6.     Exported through the COMESA Trade Agreement

The National Luna Weekender 50-Twin is the latest in the range of portable refrigeration. This model features both fridge and freezer compartments in the same body with an internal freezer lid. The fridge and freezer are individually cooled, ensuring superior temperature control and excellent power efficiency.

Based on the proven design of original National Luna portable refrigerators, the Weekender is built with superior materials and excellent workmanship, ensuring hassle-free operation even in harsh environments.

The Weekender 50-Twin has an advanced digital thermostat, battery monitor and selectable battery protection built-in which allows the user to have complete control over the operation of the refrigerator as well as monitoring power usage.

  1.     Aluminium or Stainless Steel exterior
  2.     Separate freezer compartment with internal lid
  3.     High-strength carry handles
  4.     Lockable latch
  5.     Dual-direction hinging lid (customisable)
  6.     Internal light
  7.     Digital thermostat
  8.     Battery monitor
  9.     Selectable 3-stage low-battery protection
  10.     12 / 24Vdc , 100 – 240Vac operation
  11.     Removeable DC and AC cables
  12.     Suitable for vaccine storage


  1. Actual volume: 50 litres (40 litre fridge, 10 litre freezer)
  2. External dimensions: 385mm (w) x 710mm (l) x 506mm (h), 845mm with lid raised
  3. Weight: Aluminium – 23.6kg, Stainless Steel – 26.2Kg
  4. Material: Metallic Grey aluminium or Stainless Steel exterior, smooth aluminium interior
  5. Power supply: 12 / 24V DC, 100 – 240V AC
  6. Power consumption: *12V – 2.5Amps average running current. 1.53 – 2.6 amp/hour average power draw.
  7. Average power consumption is measured in a controlled environment with specific thermostat settings.Actual power consumption may vary with ambient temperature, thermostat setting and frequency of use. Running current will increase automatically when surplus power is available (230Vac, or DC power above 13.1V)

We assemble roof racks here in Kenya at our Industrial area premises.  Roof racks are manufactured exactly to the standards laid down by TJM AUSTRALIA.

Romageco has manufactured roof racks under licence for 12 years and has its own sand blasting and powder coating facility to match the exact standards required by TJM.

TJM Roof Racks

  1. Made from heavy duty steel and powder coated for durability for the serious off-roader.
  2. Can be modified to carry Hi lift jacks, Jerry cans, Extra Spare Wheels, Water   Tanks etc. Trays can be made from quarter length to full length. All roof racks are fitted with stainless steel fasteners.

TJM Airtec Snorkel

1. Fitting a TJM Airtec Snorkel means the air supply is drawn from roof level providing cooler and cleaner air to the engine.

2. Because the air supply is drawn from roof level, dust is not as thick and plentiful as in the engine bay or inner guard. This will help extend the life of the air cleaner element, therefore reducing the wear of vital components.

3. With the positively sealed TJM Airtec Snorkel, well above water level, you can expect worry-free water crossings.

4. When driving along the open road, the TJM Airtec Snorkel creates what’s known as a ram air effect, that has often been found to increase engine performance.

TJMs extensive range of side steps has increased with the release of the ‘Classique’ Aluminum Side Step now available for a wide range of new vehicles. Made using a custom designed alloy extrusion and durable mounting system, the Classique Step has been carefully crafted to suit the styling of each individual make of vehicle perfectly and provides a on-slip tread to help passengers get into and out of the vehicle. TJMs range of steps have all been thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet TJMs high expectations which means you will only ever have to buy your accessories once.

Ramsey winch “delivers the ultimate in winching technology.” This is ideal for off-road use especially on occasions where recovery is needed with enough heavy duty power and reliability to handle tough situations. It’s features include:

–       Proven 3-stage planetary gear system for fast line speed

–       Motor and solenoids are grounded directly to battery

–       Strong automatic load-holding brake for strength

–       Cam action clutch disengages planetary gear system for free spooling

–       Weather resistant solenoid assembly

–       12 ft. wire pendant remote

–       6 ft. (1.83 m) 2 gauge battery cables with connectors

–       4-way roller fairlead

TJM Underbody Protection

TJMs range of Underbody Guards and Sump Guards are made using 3mm thick steel and finished in a Super Alloy 5 coating. Each guard is press folded in strategic areas to increase the strength of the plate and careful thought is given to where the bolt points are situated to prevent the guard from coming loose even when the vehicle is bottoming out. Drain access holes for sump and transmission are included to allow easy access where necessary.

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